Stevie Got An All Purpose Nano Doll Sexbot

Stevie Got An All Purpose Nano Doll Sexbot - $26

A door-to-door evangelist knocks on Steve's, and he uses it as an opportunity to try out his latest nanobotic solution. It transforms her into an all-purpose doll/sub/slut. At the push of a button, Steve gets whichever one he desires. And he usually likes to switch back and forth. You know how short Steve's attention span can be.

He starts by dressing her up as a French maid and making her serve him snacks, while he watches football. At halftime he sticks his first down yard marker in her mouth. Several days later Steve is under the weather. He dresses his dolly up like a sexy nurse, and uses her pussy juice as cough syrup, drinking it right from the source. When he feels better, he puts her in hot pink lingerie, and uses her as his fuck toy.

Nesty returns, just one movie behind Sinn Sage as my most shot model, adding doll to her long list of fetish performances.

Running time: 46 minutes. This episode is available in 4K at 3840 x 2160. It's a big file approx. 5GB. If you have problems downloading, email me at But this is 2021, so I'm hoping all will go well. VIP: The file is not corrupt. If you can't unzip it, use 7zip.

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