Mind Brushing

Mind Brushing - $24

2021 was the year of Nesty here at MC Stash House. So what better way to start 2022 than with another Nesty custom? This one melds MC fetish with deep throat fetish, an unholy matrimony if ever there was one. But oh so sweet! And a rare deep throat performance from Nesty to boot.

POV Steve is on a lunch date with Nesty and while they are making out he tries for second base. But she's a good girl and shuts him down. Steve has a back up plan, however. Too much garlic at lunch, so why don't we brush our teeth? And the toothpaste is spiked with an MC concoction, which works wonderfully. OK, so she pops out of her trance occasionally, while Steve's cock is deep down her throat. No biggie, just brush that dick taste out... and lose control of your mind again. What a vicious, and delicious, circle. Almost as delicious as Steve's man meat going all the way down the length of your esophagus.

Did I mention Nesty is back for this one? When in comes to MC fetish, Nesty is one of the besty.

Running time: 35 minutes. This episode is available in 4K at 3840 x 2160. It's a big file approx. 5.6GB. If you have problems downloading, email me at support@mcstashhouse.com. But this is 2022, so I'm hoping all will go well. VIP: The file is not corrupt. If you can't unzip it, try 7zip.

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