Sinn Sage

Springtime For Dr. Mesmer

I Eta Pi sorority is a thorn in Dr. Mesmer's side. Their current president has seduced his grad-student girlfriend. Bent on revenge, he mesmerizes his sweetie, then commands her to mesmerize that bitch from I Eta Pi. Once she is under he subjects her to the Halo Of Forgetfullness to erase her mind. Revenge is a dish best served... um, to someone with an erased mind. (Isn't that how the saying goes?)

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Meet The J.I.S.M. Girls

Scarlet Juggernaut is the leader of the Jamboree of Invincible Super Mutant Girls, better known by their initials as: the J.I.S.M. Girls. Through the use of a high tech ring, Dr. Steele turns her against the other members of the group. Her first victim is her faithful sidekick, the Rump Ranger.

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Back In Business

Daria is an international sales rep. She's closing in on a deal with the CEO of a US company that mass produces mind control devices. He and his lovely executive secretary decide to test the latest product on Daria. It works! And they take turns working over her big boobies...among her other assets.

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House Of MC Horror

A lusty lesbian, living in a house once rented by a mad scientist, is trying to seduce her platonic friend. She has little success until a disembodied brain, hidden in the garage by the former tenant, sends telepathic emanations, encouraging the straight girl to have sex with her. Then the brain's former body, hidden in the tool shed, breaks in on them and gives the straight girl what she really wants.

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The Gay Blade

This straight hairdresser just hates it when his clients gossip about him being gay. He uses a special aromatic shampoo and insinuating hair spray to "persuade" them that the opposite is in fact true: he's as straight as a a one dollar bill.

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