Springtime For Dr. Mesmer

Springtime For Dr. Mesmer - $10

As our story opens, Dr. Mesmer is moving in with one of his sexy graduate students. But the smitten doctor's happiness is short lived, as his paramour is seduced by the new president of I Eta Pi sorority. When Mesmer finds out, he sets the wheels of revenge in motion by hypnotizing his girlfriend to hypnotize her lover to serve him.

He commands the sapphic sorority slut to strip naked and perform simple tasks, which she executes obediently. But when he pushes the envelope, ordering her to suck his dick, her programming fails. This is one stone cold dyke! But Mesmer has an ace up his labcoat sleeve, his latest conditioning device, the Halo of Forgetfulness. It not only erases her mind, but also whites out her eyes. Now she is 100% obedient. She takes his dick in her mouth and also in her pussy. So much for girl power.

Stephanie Cane is mind numbing as the I Eta Pi prez, and special guest Sinn Sage ain't no slouch either in this history making video. (First ever produced with a model with whited out eyes.)

Running time: 47 minutes, including outtakes and behind the scenes footage. This discounted classic episode is available in a newly compressed SD version only: 720 x 480, 7,000kbps.

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