Lesbians (Lesbian Elements)

Back In Business

Daria is an international sales rep. She's closing in on a deal with the CEO of a US company that mass produces mind control devices. He and his lovely executive secretary decide to test the latest product on Daria. It works! And they take turns working over her big boobies...among her other assets.

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Carnival Of Lost Minds

Two stacked Russian sisters take a dream vacation to Happy Land. Their tour guide uses one of the spinning rides to induce them. Now it's time for his dreams to cum true. He's always wondered what it would be like to order two mindless sisters to enjoy each other's bodies. And after to join in the festivities.

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House Of Robo Hookers

Dr. Mesmer takes his revenge on the two women who got him fired from Wazzamatta University. He uses nanobots to turn the dean and the president of the I Eta Pi sorority into mechanized hookers. And he's their pimp! He teaches them the art of lesbian love before commanding them to perform sex acts on him. Man's gotta make a livin'.

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Heavy Petting

Hubby asks wifey if he can have a pet. She agrees, not realizing he meant transforming the sexy next door neighbor into a sexual plaything. When she comes home from work unexpectedly and finds them fucking on the washer, she is furious. But he activates a long dormant post-hipnahtic suggestion, and she happily joins in.

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Man's Best Friends

Wifey is working late and asks hubby to entertain her two beautiful best friends. He can't resist their charms, and so he conditions them to become his best friends too. He teaches them that best friends must do anything for each other... and to each other. First the ladies show what good friends they are to each other. Then hubby joins them.

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Family Meeting

Antonio's boss calls him into his office. He's got some bad news: a pay cut! two thirds of his salary! That's going to shake up his home life, since he has three mesmerized wives. He'll have to let two of them go to avoid personal bankruptcy. But which one to keep? They have a sexual competition to decide who gets to stay.

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Who's The Boss

A man in his 50's is applying for a job at an IT company. He gets turned down by the young, hot CEO, because of his age. That's discrimination!!! He uses his tech skills to hack into the boss's computer and erase her mind. Then he uses a phone app on the bitchy executive secretary. Now he'll show them who's the boss.

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I Married A Lesbian

Hubby has made a horiffic discovery, His mail order bride is a lesbian!!! He brings her to a hipnoh therapist, who specializes in sexual preference reconditioning. A.d the therapy works. But before turning her subject back over to her husband, the therapist takes her payment in flesh.

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