Exotic Beauties

Something To Be Thankful For

Hubby naps after a big Thanksgiving dinner, and hallucinates that he is a pilgrim, mesmerizing an Indian maiden for sex. When he wakes up, he and his wife are the characters from his dream, and she is zombified.

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The H Project

Steve, the CEO of Steele Enterprises, has brought a pretty junior executive with him on an important business trip. Unbeknownst to her, the company's line of seemingly innocent household items, when activated, have a mesmeric power over women. Steve plans on using her as his guinea pig at a demonstration for buyers from all over the world. But first, he must test their effectiveness on her in her hotel room in different pairs of pantyhose.

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POV Steveā„¢ installs a new widescreen TV for a beautiful, new Asian customer. This particular set comes with a very, very special feature: built in MC mode. It's extremely effective, and Steve's unwitting victim falls under his control, becoming a mindless zombie. And by now, you know what Steve does to those. MCTV sure beats that boring old network fare!

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I Saw Steve Fucking Mrs. Claus

Another year, another holiday season, and Steve has asked Santa for another doll. But this Christmas Eve, it's Mrs. Claus who pays him a visit. She delivers him a rag doll, and gets so excited watching him play with his new toy, that she joins in.

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Green With Envy

Millionaire playboy Brit Rod is also the Green Horny, one of Dr. Steele's most trusted compatriots. When his faithful sidekick Nato dies as a direct result of J-Girl Psylicke taking control of his mind, the Green Horny becomes hell bent on revenge. And revenge is a dish best served hot... and moist.

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