Exotic Beauties

The Intern

Alexis is a shy college student interning at an international conglomerate. The CEO mesmerizes away her shyness, so she can better compete in the cut throat world of big business. The procedure works too well. All vestiges of her shy self disappear, as she transforms into a shameless slut.

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Stevey Got A Geisha

Steve orders a geisha from an online dollmaker in eastern Europe. Just like her human counterpart, this geisha is skilled in the art of love! Steve eats her life-like pussy, and puts his dick in her realistic mouth. Then he fucks his new toy in a variety of positions. So authentic! Is it possible she was once a real live woman???

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The Audition

An unscrupulous MC porn director (is there any other kind?) places a fake audition notice in a Tinsel Town trade paper in an attempt to lure unsuspecting actresses into his mesmerizing clutches. Once under his spell he uses them as free labor in his adult productions.

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Mail Order Marriage

Steve travels to eastern Europe to meet his new mail order bride, Lucy. He explains that in America instead of engagement rings, women wear engagement collars. She tries it on and from that moment she loves, honors and obeys her new husband with emphasis on obeys. Talk about wedded bliss! Nothing beats a mindless marriage.

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Halo Mesmer, Goodbye Brain

Dr. Mesmer's colleague, Dr. Metallus, offers a trade: one of Mesmer's "lab girls" in exchange for one of his own cleaning cyborgs. Mesmer hooks Maya up to the "Halo of Forgetfullness" to install the program, but leaves her on too long. She's reduced to a primitive state and is always sexually aroused.

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Smoke Gets In Your Ass

A gorgeous, pantyhose-clad smoker consults a hipnoh therapist to try to kick the habit. He determines that radical therapy is necessary. Suggesting that his dick is a cigarette, he gives her a painful ass reaming. She will forever associate smoking with a burning, throbbing sphincter. Cured!

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For Sale By Boner

A rich American wants to sell his luxury flat, but he thinks the commission is way too high. His busty real estate agent won't budge on her percentage, so he persuades her to change her mind with the mind contorlling heat lamp he has installed in the bathroom. That's a luxury every flat should have.

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I, Lavarella

J.I.S.M. Girl, Lavarella, who shoots magma from her hands, arrives at the lair of the icy Dr. Kelvin. Extreme cold is Lavarella's only weakness, and the evil doctor freezes her body and brain. She obediently fulfills his every perverse desire. Who knows? He might even shoot some hot magma of his own.

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