Stevie Got An Anal Barbie

Stevie Got An Anal Barbie - $25

If it weren't for Avatar 2 taking 13 years to come out, the third installment of Steve's Christmas doll trilogy might be the most long awaited sequel of all time. It's called Stevie Got An Anal Barbie, and continues the Yuletide tradition of Steve asking Santa for a life-sized, anatomically-correct fuck doll. I guess he wore out his nutcracker and his rag doll from years previous.

In this episode sexy, female elf, Eve, aka Christmas Eve, delivers Steve's doll after first inducing one of his hot neighbors. This year Steve has to give as well as receive, as the horny elf demands he give her an orgasm in exchange for his present. Not really into real women Steve reluctantly agrees, all the while staring at his new doll, posed next to his tree, while Eve rides his dick until she orgasms. He shoos her away and gets down to "opening" his gift. Opening her mouth to blow him, opening her pussy to fuck him, and finally opening her ass for a merry Christmas cornholing.

Elena Lux stars as anal Barbie, with special guest Nesty as Eve the elf.

Running time: 35 minutes. This episode is available in 4K at 3840 x 2160. It's a big file approx. 4.5GB. If you have problems downloading, email me at But this is 2022, so I'm hoping all will go well. VIP: The file is not corrupt. If you can't unzip it, use 7zip.

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