Meet Dr. Mesmer

Meet Dr. Mesmer - $10

As his name would suggest, Dr. Mesmer mesmerizes his lab assistant Jackie to demonstrate the effectiveness of his hipnotik method for his new instructional DVD. While under his control the lithe brunette absently "consents" to his every preverse whim. He starts by stripping her down for the camera, feeling her up or kissing her, as he gets her nearer and nearer to full nakedness. He pauses to play with her pantyhose, but ultimately she stands before him in nothing but her birthday suit.

He programs her to respond to a series of triggers set off by either a horn, a whistle or a bell. She reacts to them without question or hesitation. He then orders her to give him a blowjob, while talking to her booyfriend on her cell phone. He comes all over her face, but the demo is not over yet. The good doctor rallies, and proceeds to fuck the sexy lab girl in a variety of positiions.

Cute Jackie Ashe is a perfectly obedient subject.

Running time: 33 minutes, scene only. This discounted classic episode is available in a newly compressed SD version only: 720 x 480, 7,000kbps.

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