The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller - $10

Gianna visits a gypsy soothsayer in search of true love. After staring into his crystal balls she discovers, to her horror, that the only way she will ever find her true soul mate is to abandon her prudish ways. The horny Roma induces her and begins training her to be an MC slut. Unable to control herself she strips in front of him, and offers up her ginormous gigaboobs.

Later at home, through the power of post mesmeric suggestion, she awakens at midnight and masturbates with a vibrator thorugh her pretty white panty hose. Then, she returns to the gypsy's lair in the morning, where her training intensifies. She becomes the perfect mind controlled slut, doing things she's never done before.

Buxom and beautiful porn legend Gianna Michaels stars as the fortune teller's hapless plaything.

Running time: 49 minutes, including behind the scenes footage. This discounted classic episode is available in a newly compressed SD version only: 720 x 480, 7,000kbps.

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