Homecare Transformation

Homecare Transformation - $10

A beautiful nurse is taking care of an injured magician in his home, but he has more than just recovery on his mind. He uses a magic flame to mesmerize her, and now she is primed to fulfill his every depraved desire. He starts by stripping her down to her white pantyhose and feeling her up. Then he orders her to strike different, entranced poses, while he ogles her.

But enough foreplay! Things start to really heat up when he commands her to stick his "thermometer" in her mouth. After a nice suck job, the magic man bids her to don a pair of red hose. He can't resist the allure of her scarlet stockings, and tears the crotch out of them. He shoves his tongue-thermometer up her hot pussy to take her temperature. But it's not as precise as his meat stick. The only way to get an accurate reading is to fuck her silly. She calls him "master" throughout the encounter, and alternates between begging him for sex and being put into a deep trance.

Asian beauty Miko Sinz makes her MC fetish debut in one of her earliest adult performances.

Running time: 52 minutes, including interview and outtakes. This discounted classic episode is available in a newly compressed SD version only: 720 x 480, 7,000kbps.

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