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The Power Principle

The Power Princess is the strongest of all the J.I.S.M. Girls. So Dr. Steele enlists the aid of Prof. H, the world's most evil super psychic. He's the only villain who stands a chance of defeating PP's super strength, since he has superior brain power. Once he takes over her mind, he lets his penis do the thinking for him.

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Deleted 1

Sandra has a drink at her immigration lawyer's office to celebrate her new citizenship. She wakes up in an exotic house in a far away land. Her host, the Master, enslaves her body and her mind. Now she will serve him, and service him the rest of her life. Or until he tires of her!

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Virtual Tour

Steve is your host on this virtual tour of his state-of-the-art movie studio in Hollywood. It even includes actresses --aka, slaves. They may not emote, but they'll do anything to get a part in Steve's next movie. Winter Sky stars in this zombie blow job featurette.

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Mind Control Marriage Counsellor

Steve is the henpecked husband of a terminally lazy wife. Through the wonders of mind control she is transformed from a parasite into an obedient housewife. But things go terribly wrong when the mailman accidentally uses the trigger phrase that turns her into a sexual dynamo.

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Deleted 2

Emily visits Sandra's immigration lawyer to find out what happened to her roommate, and the same thing happens to her. The Master sends her to the deletion chamber, where her mind is deleted. She will now do whatever he commands, including doing Sandra and him!

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Long Time No See

Two college roomies reunite after years of not seeing each other. But what one doesn't know is, the other has always had a secret girl-crush on her. Egged on by her husband, she uses an electric torchlight to burn away her friend's mind. Now all of her lesbian fantasies can finally come true. And hubby, you can watch. Enjoy!

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