Hypno House Call 3 stars Simon Kitty as POV Steve's bewitched Halloween beauty. She opens the film sitting naked in her house playing with her black cat. It's Halloween, so she puts on her sexy witch costume to hand out candy to trick or treaters. Unfortunately for her, she's just moved in next to Steve, who has decided to "pay her a visit" to get to know her better. The doorbell rings and Simon gets all excited for her first trick or treater of the night. She opens the door and her face shows disappointment to see someone much older than she was expecting at the door.


Since she's new to America, Steve graciously offers to explain to her the traditions of Halloween, if she will let him in for a few moments. She reluctantly agrees and shows him into the living room. Steve tells Simon that the younger trick or treaters receive candy on Halloween, but the older ones have had their share of candy and traditionally give back, so he's going to share a very special candy with her. He gives her a candy to suck on called a nanozot, which she puts in her mouth and starts sucking, commenting on how tasty it is.


After a couple moments, her tongue starts to tingle and she realizes that something is wrong. She clutches her head in pain as the nanozot takes effect. Steve explains to her that the nanozot is turning her brain cells into nanobots, which will turn her into his sex slave. She of course freaks out about this, but she can't stop the process from taking place. After a couple more moments, she falls silent, covering her face in her hands. Steve commands her to reveal her eyes and with a "yes master" she uncovers her face to reveal that her eyes are blank white orbs.


Steve notes that these nanobots were a small dose, so the effect will only be temporary. He has to program her quickly. He explains that he is her master and she is his slave and she will obey him without hesitation. She repeats all of the programming or responds with blank "yes masters" before he has her strip down to her cape and her fishnets and give him a blowjob. We get a very good look at her blank white eyes as she deep throats him at a great rhythm. Her large tits are hanging out of her cape the whole time, shaking back and forth, as she sucks his cock.


After she gets him hard enough, they go to the bed and she rides his cock in cowgirl position. Her pussy is beautifully shaved, and the way her tits bounce as she fucks him is mesmerizing. She looks AMAZING with those blank white eyes and her gothy black lipstick and lace collar. She moans in pleasure as they fuck, and responds agreeably to everything he says. She's not a completely blank zombie, but she is totally compliant with everything he wants.


They then move into the kitchen, so he can fuck her on the table. She's more like a zombie at this point, responding to his commands with a monotone "yes master" as she spreads her legs and lays back, but as soon as the fucking begins she comes back to life, moaning in pleasure and responding to his comments in agreement. Steve commands his slave to cum as he fucks her and it jolts her out of her trance--her eyes go back to normal, but she's been feeling so good that she begs him to keep fucking her even though he's done. He protests because he only likes zombie women, but she's so persistent that he finally agrees to at least cum in her mouth. She massages and sucks his balls, begging for his cum, as he jerks off in her face. He cums in her open mouth and she moans in pleasure as she tastes his "treat". Finally he hands her the mask he'd been wearing and departs before she can see his face, leaving her to wonder who just fucked her.


Simon looks incredible in and out of her costume, and her zombie acting in this is good. She is somewhat responsive during the sex, but looks very sexy with those blank white eyes. And the way she agrees with everything her master says really conveys the fact of her being a helpless slave. I quite liked this one!


- Madcap