The Heirloom

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum

The Heirloom stars Cinthia Doll as Steve's latest "subject." The movie starts with Cinthia sitting on the couch, her pantyhosed legs crossed, complaining about how when Steve's father passed away he didn't leave him anything but an old watch that might be worth $2,000 at most. Cinthia threatens to leave Steve because all she cares about is his money. Steve convinces her to sit down on the couch so he can explain why the watch has greater value than she thinks.

He dangles the watch on its silver chain in front of her, swinging it back and forth and doing the most classic induction of all time. She protests a few times that she doesn't want to do this anymore, but she can't take her eyes away as Steve mesmerizes her. Cinthia's eyes look sort of teared up slightly as she repeats back to Steve that she is his slave and will do anything he says. I don't know if she did this intentionally or not, but I thought it really drove home the whole "helplessly obedient" idea in a really hot way. She whimpers in protest when he tells her that as his slave she'll never see a penny of his money, but she obeys his commands anyway.

He tells her to stand up and take off her dress, and with a drowsy "yes master" she obeys. He forces her to play with her large breasts for a while through her bra before having her remove it. He has her jump up and down, watching her big tits bounce, and then he plays with them himself. He then fondles her legs and ass through the pantyhose. She then has to get on her knees and suck his dick. She takes him in pretty deep while hardly using her hands at all.

He then says he's going to tit fuck her, but he has her do all of the work while he just stands there and enjoys it. He has her tear open her pantyhose and masturbate for a while before he fucks her. She just sits there expressionless on the couch with her legs spread wide as she fingers herself. She then fucks him in the cowgirl position while he plays with her tits. Her face is pretty vacant during the fucking, with her mouth hanging slightly open and she is silent, unless she is saying "yes master" in response to something he said. And at the end of course he cums all over her tits and then makes her lick it up.

Cinthia was truly great in this video. She has a fantastic body, and she really did a great job at acting mesmerized. She had a great sleepy voice when she said her "yes masters" and she had just the right amount of silent enthusiasm when it came to the sex. A great performance, and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing her again!