This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum


"Breakout" stars Steve, and Alina Henessy, as the guard tasked to keep him in prison, where he has been locked up for "hyp--tizing bitches". The video starts off with Steve showing us his crappy living conditions and then he reads us a letter to his prison fiance, explaining how he's going to escape his captivity. He plans to have his fiance show up for a conjugal visit, during which she will smuggle in a device that he will use to escape. But then his evil bitch guard shows up to berate and punish him for not being ready for lights out in time. Henessy looks amazing in her guard uniform and pantyhose with high heels.


Henessy makes the prisoner Steve get down on his back on the floor and she steps on him with her high heels, causing him to cry out in pain. She laughs and mocks him, acting like a sadistic bitch as she then stomps on his balls. She then takes her billy club and...well, lets just say Steve has reason to want revenge against her.


We cut to several days later, after Steve's fiance has visited and smuggled in his hyp--tic device. Henessy comes to his cell when it's time for lights out, but Steve is hiding in the bathroom. She spots the device sitting in his cell and storms in, determined to learn what it is. She stares at the light emanating from it and finds that she cannot look away. Steve tells her to keep looking at it and she does so with a sleepy look on her face. She tries to snap out of it once but he quickly brings her back into it with a vocal induction. In a short time Henessy is declaring that she will obey her master Steve.


Steve takes great joy in having his slave strip for him and play with her tits. Henessy helplessly responds to his commands with a sleepy "yes master". A couple times she starts to enjoy herself so he tells her to stop feeling any pleasure and she goes back to being expressionless. She stands there and lets Steve play with her tits for quite a while before he has her strip down to just her pantyhose and masturbate through them. She starts moaning in pleasure so he again commands her to cease enjoying herself. It's quite hot seeing her forced to masturbate with an expressionless face.


Steve then plays with her pussy and fondles her legs and ass for a while before making her suck his dick while she masturbates. She does a great job of keeping her eyes fixed to exactly the same spot while she's giving him a really conveys the idea that she is a mindless zombie just following her master's commands. Steve then has his slave fuck him in cowgirl position, where she does all the work as he just lies there. Her blank facial expression is incredibly hot during this scene. This is probably my favorite scene just because of her face. Again she starts moaning in enjoyment so he has her stop and she goes back to her vacant stare as she robotically rides his dick.


He then has her get down on her knees and bend over so he can fuck her ass. She pries her ass cheeks apart and he tells her that he wants her to feel the pain during this bit. She gasps in pain as he enters her and continues to whimper and cry, but she's forced to continue holding her ass cheeks apart to give him easy access. Steve then cums all over her blank face as she kneels before him and the video fades out on her cum covered face.


If you have seen Steve's other movie with Henessy, Deleted 2, I don't need to tell you how awesome she is at doing the whole mindless zombie thing. And seeing her transition from domineering guard to obedient slave is really awesome. And those pantyhose she looks so fantastic in stay on the whole time! A must have for zombie and pantyhose lovers!