The Secret Admirer

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum

"The Secret Admirer" starring Nikki Daniels and Rooster Cockburn opens with a masked man who calls himself Mr. Anonymous talking to his video diary about how the authorities can't catch him as he plans to terrorize another unsuspecting female. He breaks into his chosen victim's home and plants a rose doused in nanobots on her pillow.

She comes home from work, smells the flower, and then the nanobots do their work while Mr. Anonymous watches. She shakes and twitches on the bed for a few moments (wearing a bra, skirt, and pantyhose) until they finish their work, at which point she lies motionless staring at the ceiling. Mr. Anonymous explains that the nanobots will soon go dormant and she will appear normal, but when she becomes aroused, the nanobots will take over and send her into an "uncontrollable sexual frenzy".

He comes up and starts groping her legs, to which she offers no physical resistance but protests verbally for him to stop. Then the nanobots take over and she's suddenly into it, moaning in pleasure and touching herself. She strips out of everything but the pantyhose as he continues to touch her. This fondling scene goes on for quite a while, until he starts eating her out through her pantyhose (before eventually tearing them open). The nanobots make her say things referring to herself in the third person like "she is aroused". He eventually makes her cum, and then she lays there frozen and blankly staring at the ceiling again. Mr. Anonymous says she will be back to normal soon and remember nothing, so he then goes to wait for her in the shower so he can get her aroused all over again.

When she discovers him in the shower she threatens to call the police, but the nanobots prevent her from doing so. He starts fondling her again, and the nanobots take over once more. He sits her down and she says that she would like to suck his cock, at which point she enthusiastically deep throats him (with and without using her hands). There is a knock at the door, and Mr. Anonymous tells his slave to stop sucking so he can go check it out, but she continues to suck, causing him to remark that the nanobots are working even better than he thought. He finally pulls her off of him and checks the front door to discover that it's her boyfriend Frank. Eventually Frank gives up and just goes away.

When Mr. Anonymous returns he tells her to get back to sucking, but she says "she wants to fuck!" over and over, so they end up in the bedroom with her riding on top of him reverse cowgirl. She is hungry for sex so they fuck in various positions before he finally cums all over her pantyhose-covered legs and crotch (even though she was asking him to cum on her face).

As far as Steve's videos go, this is probably one of the most normal, where the nanobots are there making her say things, but they really take a back seat to the sex. Nikki Daniels is quite hot and she keeps her pantyhose and high heels on throughout the video as well. So if you don't like any quirky plot stuff getting in the way of the sex, or if you like pantyhose, this would be a good one to check out.