Hard Time

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum



Hard Time stars Steve and the super hot Bella Moretti as his lawyer and helpless victim. This one opens with Steve recording a video in jail, having been arrested on charges of attempted sexual assault. Steve explains that he's put all of his money into making his videos, so he's been assigned a public defender, which he's not thrilled about...until she shows up. Bella informs Steve in the interview room that this is going to be a very difficult case to win, despite Steve's protests that all of his previous POV videos have been completely fake.


Steve convinces Bella to give him her pocket watch so he can swing it in front of her and try to prove that it's all a bunch of baloney. Which of course it's not, because she quickly falls under his influence. Her eyes follow the swinging watch as she repeats what he says in a drowsy voice. He tells Bella all the "fake" things that he tells his actresses in his videos, and all the while he's actually putting her under. It's kind of fun to see Steve not taking it seriously at all while he's actually succeeding.


He tells Bella that in his videos he tells the girls to do something like stand up and take their top off. Bella says "I hear and I obey" and then proceeds to do just that. As she does so, Steve seems incredulous that it actually worked. He tests her obedience by giving her a few simple commands, to which she always responds "I hear and I obey". He realizes he's going to jail forever so he decides to have some fun with her first. She first sits on the desk and is made to caress her legs and play with her pussy through her pantyhose, all with a dreamy, vacant look on her face. It's especially hot how her super plump lips are almost always slack and slightly open.


He then has her turn around so he can fondle her ass a while before he tells her to tear open the crotch of her pantyhose so she can finger herself. After watching her masturbate for a while he commands her to crawl under the desk and give him a blowjob. She sucks him off without making a sound, and her eyelids are droopy like she's sleepy or not really all there. After several minutes of this he has her lay down on the desk so he can fuck her. She stares at the ceiling, unmoving and with a blank expression as he fucks her. After a while the warden comes in and catches him in the act (and the best part is that Bella just continues lying there getting fucked, completely oblivious to the intrusion) and takes him back to his cell.


We then see Steve filming from his cell again, informing us that he planted a suggestion into his lawyer's mind at the trial, so that she would come and see him for frequent conjugal visits. She shows up to see him wearing heels and a super slutty dress. He tells her to bend over the bunk so he can fuck her from behind and instead of replying in a drowsy voice she responds "I hear and I obey" in a flirty tone. Steve fucks her and this time she moans in pleasure and is very obviously enjoying herself. Later she gets on top and rides Steve enthusiastically, until the visit ends with him cumming on her face.


Bella is extremely hot and has great facial expressions throughout the video, both when she is a blank zombie and when she is an enthusiastic, horny partner. And the whole idea that the other videos have all been fake but that Bella has been transformed as a happy accident is kind of fun and creates and interesting dynamic for the video. If you've enjoyed Steve's other POV works you're sure to find a lot to enjoy in this one!