The Intern

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum

"H-Project 2: The Intern" stars Alexis Love as the latest victim of Steve's "H" Project. The super cute Alexis shows up at Steve's place to discuss her internship with Steve's company. The only complaint any of the executives at the corporation had about her was her shyness. Steve offers to help her get over her shyness through mind control, which she reluctantly agrees to. He uses the latest "H" Product device on her and her eyes are immediately transfixed on the spinning fan and colored lights. She goes under quickly, repeating everything that Steve says as he induces her.

Steve programs her, telling her that he's her master, and giving her trigger words to control her behavior. Steve brings her out of her trance and asks her to model her pantyhose for him, but she refuses, saying she is far too shy for that. Steve uses one of the trigger words and she suddenly finds herself confidently gyrating in front of him and fondling herself, showing off her pantyhose. He then commands her to strip, which she once again refuses. He says the trigger word and suddenly she is obediently stripping for him (down to her pantyhose) and touching herself on the coffee table. He uses the trigger word that places her in an obedient trance, and she stands at glassy-eyed attention as he fondles her and sucks on her breasts.

In the next scene Alexis is sitting entranced on the couch, naked except for her pantyhose, and Steve asks her if she's enjoying herself. She replies with a quiet "yes master", but Steve tells her that it's time for him to enjoy himself as well. He commands her to give him a handjob, which she does while reaching over and continuing to stare straight ahead. A few moments later he tells her to to rub his cock all over her face and then give him a blowjob, which she does completely entranced. She makes soft moans and lots of slurping noises while she sucks his dick. After several minutes he uses the trigger word to wake her up, and she confidently continues the blowjob with enthusiasm, still calling him master in response to his questions.

Steve then decides to make Alexis his new spokesmodel for all of his company's H Products. He puts her back in a trance and films her changing into another pair of pantyhose. He has her model them on the couch for a while, and then he tears open the pantyhose and eats her pussy, filming it the whole while. She is still entranced so she just lays there motionless and expressionless as he goes down on her. Then he has her fuck him reverse cowgirl (still wearing the torn pantyhose), which she does still entranced, making no sound or expression. He triggers her out of the trance after a few minutes and she enthusiastically fucks him after that, still being filmed for the spokesmodel video.

Alexis is extremely cute and with really nice perky breasts and she does a good job with the blank entranced expressions. There are a lot of "yes master" kind of responses, and the way she responds is with a quiet submissiveness instead of with a blank monotone. She wears the pantyhose throughout the entire video, so if you like pantyhose, this is definitely a video for you!