Anal Sex

There And Back Again

During office hours, Prof. Henessy meets with her "worst student ever". He confides that he has been skipping class, but using the time effectively to invent a mind eraser, that can also reverse the process. She reluctantly agrees to be his test subject, never suspecting all that that will entail, including his dick in her tail.

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Mind Washing

The slum lord who owns Candy's apartment turns off her water just as she is taking a shower. So of course he has to come over and fix it, while she's wearing nothing but a towel. He uses her soap on a rope to induce her. Then he uses her body for his pleasure, including her tight anus.

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Family Jewels

Two sexy burglars invade a rich man's home in search of a precious diamond. But the wily old millionaire uses the sparkling gem to induce them. Now he robs them of the precious treasures between their legs... and their cheeks, butt cheeks that is.

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Perfect English

A pretty German lady needs to learn English for her new job abroad. She enquires at a revolutionary new language school, that promises to teach its students "perfect English" in no time. Their method involves a spinning spiral that reduces the student's mind. All they can say after being exposed to it is "yes master." That's perfect English in my book.

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Deleted 1

Sandra has a drink at her immigration lawyer's office to celebrate her new citizenship. Next thing she knows, she wakes up in an exotic house in a far away land. Her host, the Master, enslaves her mind and her body (and her butthole.) Now she will serve him, and service him the rest of her life. Or until he tires of her!

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The Return Of The Zapper

There's now a dragnet out for the Zapper! He has to send his favorite blonde slave out to subdue his next victim. This time he breaks pattern and asks for a brunette, so the police won't suspect it's him. Blondie has good taste. She brings back an exotic beauty, who likes it up the ass.

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The Nutcracker

Santa brings this lucky guy a life-sized, anatomically correct nutcracker with gigantic bazoomies for Christmas. Playing with her sure beats watching It's A Wonderful Life! Every time you hear a bell ring this Angel gets it up the ass. Wings schmings! Sphincter is what makes you an angel.

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Stevie Got A Cleaning Sexbot

Steve's cleaning lady accidentally activates one of his mind erasing programs while dusting his keyboard. Fortunately, enough of her mind remains to clean and fuck. And even more fortunately, her ass is available for fucking. Alyssa Reece's first MC boy girl scene.

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