Sunset Diamond

The Dork Squad

Hard times have hit POV Steve™. He's now working for the Dork Squad installing home entertainment systems. His hot, but bitchy client gets him fired. He exacts his revenge by sending her a mind eraser disguised as a music pod. It not only erases her brain, but whites out her eyes as well.

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House Of Robo Hookers

Dr. Mesmer takes his revenge on the two women who got him fired from Wazzamatta University. He uses nanobots to turn the dean and the president of the I Eta Pi sorority into mechanized hookers. And he is their pimp! A man's gotta make a livin'.

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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Dr. Steele must build the android Cerebriac to combat Emily Frosh and her strong telepathic powers. The automaton subjects her to his will. His will being that she gives him a juicy blowjob, and lets him do what he pleases in every position his programming allows.

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