Carnival of Lost Minds

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum


"Carnival of Lost Minds" stars Kira Queen and Darcia Lee as Steve's newest spiral-eyed mind-controlled subjects. The movie starts with Steve outside of Happy Land theme park, where two beautiful Russian sisters he met off the internet have come to join him. The two girls laugh in Russian at how naive Steve is to think that buying them a couple of plane tickets to America is going to get him laid. As Steve lures the girls inside the park, they soon realize that it's not what they expected at all, as Steve takes them behind a castle to the Whirli-gig, a state fair level ride. The girls cannot hide their disappointment at the lack of roller coasters.

Steve tells them that he will take them to the real rides shortly if they will just indulge him and look at the spinning Whirli-gig for a few moments. They reluctantly agree to do so as Steve describes the spinning lights and music, and they soon find themselves in a hypnotic trance. Once he has them sufficiently under, he takes them back to his place and they agree to come with him in dazed voices. Next we see both girls kneeling on Steve's bed in their underwear, with spirals in their eyes and blank looks on their faces. He feels up their tits through their bras as they kneel there staring blankly. Steve then commands younger sister Darcia to play with her older sister Kira's very large tits. Steve joins in too, and it's incredibly hot how she just kneels there slack-faced with spirals in her eyes. Shortly he has Kira remove Darcia's bra and play with her tits as well.

Then Steve has the two sisters rub their tits together for a while as they continue to stare into space. Steve feels up and spanks their asses while they massage their tits together, arms hanging limply at their sides. Then he has big sister Kira suck on little sister Darcia's tits. Both girls look incredibly hot staring with their wide open spiral eyes. Then he has them trade places. After several moments of this he commands Darcia to eat her big sister's pussy. Kira lays back mindlessly as Darcia pulls her panties down and starts licking. Kira has really nice toned legs that you really get a great look at during this scene. Again, both girls look fucking amazing with the spirals in their eyes, Kira just laying there motionless and Darcia helplessly licking with her eyes wide and blank.

Of course Steve has them trade places again after a while, and Kira licks Darcia's pussy from behind while she rests on all fours on the bed. We get a good look at both of their spiral eyes from the same angle this way. Steve plays with Darcia's dangling tits while she gets her pussy licked, and she stares ahead without making a single reaction to any of it. Both girls are very convincingly mindless with how well they hold still. Steve then decides the girls are ready to take a bite of his "churro" (keeping with the carnival theme) and has Kira begin sucking his dick. Kira slurps very loudly as she mindlessly sucks him off. He has them trade, and then Darcia sucks his dick while Kira kneels to the side staring blankly. I LOVE seeing the one girl kneeling mindlessly while the other one services him. He has them trade back and forth this way for a while before having them both pleasure him at the same time.

Then Steve tells them they will finally get their chance at riding a ride, so he has Kira hop on his "pogo stick". We get a very nice close-up view of her flawless shaved pussy as she rides him in cowgirl position, mechanically bouncing up and down while little sister Darcia waits her turn in the background. Steve plays with her large tits while she bounces on him. Then he has them trade off again and Darcia rides his cock. Her eyes are open wide and her mouth hangs slightly open as she rides him. Her tits bounce beautifully as she rides his cock. Then Steve has them get on all fours and fucks them from behind, switching back and forth between them. He says that their pussies are so tight he doesn't even need to do anal, but when you see how fuckable their asses are, you'll wish he'd done it anyway.

At the end Steve cums all over Kira's tits while she kneels in front of him and then has Darcia collect the cum with her fingers and lick it off. Both of these girls are wonderful at the blank expressions, and once they are under Steve's control they are completely silent, quietly obeying his every command. The spiral eyes look amazing and both of these girls are smoking hot, so you can't go wrong with this one!