Who's The Boss?

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum


Who's the Boss? stars Cherry Kiss and Tina Blade as Steve's latest subjects. The video starts with Steve showing up for a job interview with Mrs. Kiss. While he's waiting for her to arrive he realizes that there's no place for him to sit but the boss's chair. He assumes it's some kind of test and sits in the chair. Then Mrs. Kiss shows up and chews him out for sitting in the chair. She says it was a test and he has failed it. Then she sits down, crosses her sexy legs in her tight, short skirt, and begins the interview. She tells Steve that he's too old and that he has wasted her time, telling him to close the door behind him on his way out.


Steve decides to get revenge by uploading a special application to her computer, which opens a screen saver on her monitor. She looks into the twin white orbs on her screen and becomes mesmerized, unable to look away. Cherry exclaims that the screen saver is making her feel empty, and after she cries out in agony, she is left a mindless and obedient shell. Steve comes into the room and commands her to turn around, revealing her blank white eyes as she helplessly obeys. Steve programs her to be his sex slave, and she repeats everything he says in a mindless monotone voice. He has her go over her qualifications for the job: tits, ass, cocksucking, etc. He commands her to sit on her desk, spread her legs and play with herself, while he sits in her chair and watches. She replies with a monotone "I must obey" before she begins stroking her pussy.


After watching her masturbate for several moments, he tells her to move the panties aside so he can see her pussy. She hesitates and resists, clutching her head in pain before breaking out of the trance. She goes back to normal and is angry and disoriented. Steve quickly pulls up the app on his phone, sending her back into her mindless trance. She is then made to pull off her panties and continue her mindless masturbation. Steve then has her finger fuck her pussy for a while until she cums. It's really hot seeing her rapidly finger fucking herself with those empty white eyes and blank expression.


He tells her that she's earned a coffee break but that she has to return in five minutes to suck his dick. Tina Blade shows up in the break room while Mrs. Kiss is getting her coffee and is freaked out by her blank white eyes and bizarre behavior. She follows Mrs. Kiss to figure out what has happened to her. Tina spies through the door and sees Cherry Kiss on her knees and rubbing Steve's dick through his pants. When he tells her to suck his dick though, she resists again and breaks free from the trance once more. She is mortified to see the situation she is in, and Tina rushes into the room to help her.


Steve quickly pulls out his phone and his backup phone with a spiral app on it. Both ladies immediately fall under Steve's control as soon as they look at the screens--Cherry with her blank white eyes and Tina with spiral eyes. And as amazingly hot as Cherry looks with those blank white eyes, Tina looks even sexier with the spirals (especially the way her hair tends to fall down over one eye and her mouth droops open). Soon Steve is having both of his sex slaves taking turns sucking his dick--while one sucks, the other kneels patiently to the side waiting for her turn. I can't even describe how amazingly hot Tina Blade looks in her business attire, down on her knees and sucking Steve's dick with those spiral eyes. It is one of the absolute finest things I have ever seen in a Steve Steele video. Then Steve has Tina show her boss how to suck the new boss's dick. She grabs her head and begins pushing her up and down on Steve's cock. I love how she stares mindlessly with her mouth drooping open as she forces Cherry to keep deep throating Steve. There are so many great angles of the blowjob and both actresses keep their eyes wide open so the contacts are highly visible. And finally he has both slaves lick his dick at the same time--it's really cool seeing the spiral eyes and the white eyes so close together in the same shot.


Soon Steve has secretary Tina strip out of her panties and lie on the cabinet so he can fuck her. She moans as she is being fucked but otherwise doesn't react or move. As Steve is fucking her, Cherry is sitting in her chair nearby with her legs spread wide and masturbating furiously to keep her pussy wet and ready for her new boss. While Steve is fucking her, Tina squirts all over the place--something I don't recall ever seeing in any of Steve's other movies. When Steve commands his CEO-slave to straddle him on her chair and fuck him, she resists and breaks free one more time, but Steve quickly gets her back under control with the whiteout app. Secretary Tina sits on a table in the background masturbating and looking INCREDIBLY hot while Cherry fucks him.


Steve tells both of his slaves that he's decided to make them his senior vice presidents, and that their duty consists of putting on a lesbian show for their boss. We then cut to them kissing passionately and sucking each other's tits. This leads to the sexy secretary slave going down on the CEO, mindlessly lapping away with wide open eyes. Then he has them trade places, and Tina's incredibly wide open spiral eyes while she's getting her pussy eaten are unbelievably hot. I love seeing the power exchange as the former CEO is on her hands and knees helplessly licking the secretary's pussy.


The video ends with Steve cumming in the secretary's mouth and then having her share her "protein bonus" with the CEO, as they french kiss and swap cum, drooling it out of their mouths. I have to say that I love how the CEO fought back and broke free from the trance frequently but the secretary immediately fell under Steve's power and stayed that way the entire time. Steve attributes it to the strength of the apps in the video, but I like to think it's a difference in their personalities. And Tina looks SO fucking submissive in this--I really hope Steve features her again (and hopefully with those spiral contacts!). I also loved how they keep their business jackets and heels (and nothing else) on for most of the movie--it really drives home the point of who they used to be before Steve got to them. This is easily one of my favorite Steve Steele videos--the contacts look great the entire time, they are well lit and the actresses keep their eyes sufficiently open all the time to show them off. And it's great seeing the variety of the whiteout lenses along with the spirals close together in the same shot. I cannot recommed this video HIGHLY enough!!