Sexed Up Super Heroines 22: Cod Almighty

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum

Sexed Up Superheroines 22: Cod Almighty stars Shalina Devine (last seen in Hypno POV 8) as the heroine Antigone, who faces off against the wicked General Cod (played by Rooster Cockburn). The story begins with Antigone (who looks amazing in that costume...especially that ass!) sneaking onto a seemingly abandoned boat, presumably looking for evidence of General Cod. She ends up coming across the General himself however, and she pursues as he tries to make a getaway. General Cod gets right down to business and turns the tables on her, entrancing her with his magical Ring of Neptune.

  Antigone immediately gets a drowsy look on her face, swaying slightly back and forth as her eyes droop and she drops her sai. She puts up a feeble resistance as Cod cements his control over her. She is very quickly his slave, and her first command is to swab the deck with his underwear. Seeing her on her hands and knees scrubbing the deck in that outfit is great, and after this we cut to a scene of her kneeling before Cod and sucking his dick, still wearing the costume that shows off her fine legs and ass so well. The blowjob is more "spacey" in nature than robotic, which Shalina does extremely well. She doesn't really do a blank stare, but her eyes take on a dreamy, eyelid-fluttering quality that suggests she doesn't even know what she's doing. She never utters a word or even a single sound during this scene, and she doesn't take her mouth off his dick even once, just bobbing up and down non-stop.

  Then he has her lay back on a couch with her legs spread apart, and he goes down on her for a while. She stares dreamily at the ceiling the whole time, never moving a muscle or uttering a sound as he fingers and licks her. She does the whole "nobody home" thing extremely well. General Cod then bends her over a table and fucks her for a while, and she just passively rocks back and forth with his thrusts, moaning slightly, eyes rolled back in pleasure and mouth agape (almost as if she's on the verge of mindless drooling.) Her moaning gets more intense as his thrusting continues, but her facial expression never really changes and she's still mostly wearing her costume at this point.

  Cod then flips her over and fucks her as she lies back on the table. Her leotard is off at this point, but the bands on her arms and legs and the gloves and thigh highs are still present. It's really hot how her legs are spread apart up in the air and her arms lie next to her body unmoving. She doesn't do anything but lay there and get fucked (and moan a lot). He then switches to fucking her ass while she stays in the same position. Her moans get a little slower at this point.

  After a while Cod decides he's tired of doing all the work, so he commands her to "ride on his buoy", and she gets in reverse cowgirl position and bounces up and down with his dick in her ass. Her eyes keep their far away quality, and her mouth is slack and open as she rides on his dick, moaning the whole time. It's especially hot to see his slave violate her own ass that way. At the end he shoots his load on her face and she doesn't even flinch at all, despite getting nailed in the eye.

  Antigone has like two lines of dialog in the whole movie, and once she is under Cod's control the only noises she makes are moans of pleasure, so those of you who prefer silent subjects over vocal ones will be very happy with this. I normally gravitate towards more robotic zombies, but I found Shalina's "spacey" zombie performance to be quite appealing. Definitely a worthy additon to the SUSH library!