Sexed Up Super Heroines 18: Surely You Jest

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum

"Sexed Up Superheroines 18: Surely You Jest" features the fantastic Lexi Belle as Jesterina and the truly creepy Eric John as the Funster. The movie opens with Dr. Haley Quince finishing a therapy session with the classic villain Fried Fifer, who we last saw in Episode 6 of the series, and I really enjoy how these little continuity touches tie the whole series together.

After the Fifer leaves, she changes into her Jesterina costume to fight crime on the streets. You see a quick scene of her changing, but it's very brief. She then encounters Fruit Fly (Man Fly's gay older brother) and whoops his ass. Dr. Steele then hires the Funster to deal with Jesterina by setting up an appointment for him with Dr. Quince.

Funster beguiles her with a flashing pen (and her slack-jawed stare here is awesome), and she repeats things like "I am completely under your control" in a sexy sleepy voice. The first thing he has her do is give him a blowjob, and seeing her on her knees still dressed in her business outfit with glasses and pantyhose on is quite a turn on. Lexi does this in a way that is enthusiastic, but it still seems almost like "nobody is home". After a while of this he rips her pantyhose open and fucks her with the pen, while she lies back and moans submissively.

Eventually they go back to Funster's lair, and he fucks her in the Jesterina costume (with a hole torn in the crotch). They fuck in various positions for a while. She's particularly enthusiastic when she's riding on top of him. And it's particularly sexy toward the end where she is naked except for her hat and mask, gloves, and little boots. My favorite thing about Lexi's performance is the way her voice changes to a higher pitch when she has on the Jesterina costume. She really does a good job with the playfulness of the character. If you're a Jesterina fan, you're going to enjoy the hell out of this one.