Sexed Up Super Heroines 12: Stormy Weather

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum

"Sexed Up Superheroines 12: Stormy Weather" features the smoking hot Monica Foster as Lady Lightning, a heroine who has command over the forces of nature. She has a super-sexy-somehow-familiar costume (which shows off plenty of her beautiful skin--she really does look amazing in it.) She leaves it at least partly on for the entire movie, for all you costume lovers out there.

  Lady Lightning tries to put a stop to Dr. Steele once and for all, but is thwarted by Mr. Absorbo, who drains her powers, and then has his way with her. After she is paralyzed by him with her own lightning bolt, Mr. Absorbo walks behind her and feels her up for a while, which she initially protests, but eventually starts moaning in pleasure. Absorbo then goes down on her (and there's a particularly funny moment where he unfastens the crotch of her costume.) By the time her power of movement is restored to her, she's so into it she doesn't even fight it anymore.

Soon enough she's giving Absorbo a blowjob that she is obviously really into, and the camera frequently cuts behind her to show off her fantastic super-booty. Afterwards she enthusiastically rides him cowgirl style for a while before reversing that while he sits in a chair. The sex in this video is pretty straightforward, but by no means is it boring! Monica has the kind of incredible body you just can't take your eyes off of.

  For those of you who enjoy great superheroine sex, this is well worth your time to check out. And for those of you who are fans of a certain black superheroine, this video is a must have!