Triples Therapy

This review was written by Madcap of the MC Forum


Triples Therapy stars Sicilia & Andy (from Couples Therapy) along with newcomer Dolly Diore as Sicilia's old college roommate who's in town to visit. Andy completely expects Dolly to be a lesbian who wants to sleep with Sicilia, but Sicilia assures him that she's not that way. Dolly comes over for dinner and in a voiceover of her thoughts begins to lust after Sicilia during the meal.


Andy decides he wants to watch his wife have sex with Dolly, so he takes Dolly aside and explains that by using his lighter she can get Sicilia to do anything she wants (as seen in the previous movie). Andy hides in the closet so he can watch while Dolly calls Sicilia into the bedroom and uses the lighter on her. Sicilia's lips start feeling hot and the only thing that can stop the burning is for Dolly to kiss her. They make out for a while and Andy watches from the closet. She then uses the lighter to make Sicilia's tits feel hot, and cools them off by sucking on them for a while. Then of course she uses the lighter to make Sicilia's pussy hot, and goes down on her to cool her down.


Dolly wants to know if the lighter can be used in reverse to get Sicilia to go down on her, but Andy says that the lighter doesn't work that way. He ends up calling licensed couples' therapist Stan Steele for advice on how to take advantage of the situation. Stan makes a housecall the next morning and delivers him two experimental hypnosis pills that will put both girls under his control. Stan hides in the closet to observe the effect of the pills and take notes for his research. Andy gives Dolly one of the pills and explains how it works, and he hides in the other closet while Dolly gives the pill to Sicilia.


Dolly gets Sicilia in a trance and explains to her that she is under her control. Sicilia responds in a monotone voice as she repeats the commands she is given. She commands Sicilia to kiss her and Sicilia obeys, her eyes staying wide open and staring as they kiss. Dolly gets freaked out by how unresponsive Sicilia is and asks Andy what is wrong, but he just tells her it must be a side effect of the pill and suggests that she just go with it. Sicilia stares blankly as Dolly kisses and fondles her, and I have to say that she does a FANTASTIC job with the blank unmoving stare. Sicilia is then made to suck on Dolly's tits for a while and maintains that hot blank stare. Dolly looks pretty damn good herself too sitting on the bed with her legs crossed while getting her tits sucked.


Then Sicilia is made to go down on Dolly, and again does so with that blank stare. While she is distracted by having her pussy licked, Andy comes out of the closet and pops the other pill into Dolly's mouth, conditioning her to obey him and to love cock. She remains in a blank trance until he snaps his fingers, at which point she snaps out of it and enthusiastically throws him down on the bed, unzips his pants and takes his cock into her mouth. Stan says that this pill is working as designed and the other pill must be defective since Sicilia won't come out of her blank trance. She remains on all fours staring in the same position she was in while she was going down on Dolly as Dolly sucks Andy's cock.


Andy commands Sicilia to come and suck his dick with Dolly, but she just remains in position unmoving. Stan advises him that he'll need to command Dolly to command Sicilia, since she has been conditioned to obey her commands. Then Sicilia comes over and sucks Andy's dick at the same time, and it's really hot to see the contrast between Dolly's enthusiasm and Sicilia's mindless obedience. He then has Dolly fuck him, while Sicilia just sits off to the side staring mindlessly off into space. Then Dolly makes her suck on her tits while she rides him reverse cowgirl.


Sicilia is then commanded to ride his cock, which she again does mindlessly (and the way her mouth hangs open witht hat blank stare is REALLY hot) while Dolly cheers her on from next to her on the bed. At the end he cums on Dolly's begging face and then she shares it with Sicilia by kissing her and rubbing cum on her face.


Dolly is smoking hot in this video and she does a fine job as an enthusiastic lover, but Sicilia really sells the mindless zombie thing. Definitely one of the better actresses Steve has had doing the whole mindless zombie thing. I really enjoyed the contrast between enthusiasm and mindlessness quite a bit. Highly recommended.