I Was A Teenaged Animatron

Johnny Gepetto turns 18yo Mia Lina into an animatron, then sells her to Happy Land. As an added perk, he programs her to suck and fuck. Happy Land CEO Steve Steele gets to take her for a test run. Is everybody happy?

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If I Only Had A Heart(on) "manufactures" dolls and robots. Their greatest creation the Tin Woman, a mechanical mate, is programmed in the art of sex, all kinds. One lucky contest winner gets flown to the factory to "test" the new prototype.

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Welcome To Scary Land 1

When Happy Land goes bankrupt, a rebranding is in order. Market research dictates that Scary Land will be a big money maker. Let the retrofitting begin. Technician Antonio modifies all the happy characters into scary ones. But first he has to test them to make sure they are in working order.

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The Nunobot

Angel tells her sexually frustrated fiancé that she is leaving him to join the convent. Before she goes away forever he uses nanobots to turn her into a Nun-obot. She may be chaste, but she will no longer be a virgin. He has his way with her then sends her off to the mother superior.

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I Was A 20yo Animatron

Happy Land needs more animatrons! Their European recruiter Antonio finds a pretty Irish lassie named Kiara. He tests her programming and even falls in love with her. Who can blame him? An animatron is the perfect woman!

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House Of Robo Hookers

Dr. Mesmer takes his revenge on the two women who got him fired from Wazzamatta University. He uses nanobots to turn the dean and the president of the I Eta Pi sorority into mechanized hookers. And he is their pimp! A man's gotta make a livin'.

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Welcome To Scary Land 2

The Scary Land opening is only days away. Steve recruits a lovely lady who has always dreamed of being a prototype, ever since she visited Happy Land in her youth. But he's so busy, he can't test her. So he turns her over to his accountant. Free medical and this! Talk about benefits.

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