Lesbians (Full Lesbian)

Hooray For Hungarywood

A meek personal assistant gets her hands on a bottle of mesmerizing massage oil and uses it to induce her movie star boss during her daily rubdown. It transforms her from a domineering diva into a submissive mind slave. She gets dommed in every way possible, from having to eat pussy, to getting a vibrator up her ass.

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Long Time No See

Two college roomies reunite after years of not seeing each other. What one doesn't know is, the other has a secret girl-crush on her. She uses an electric torchlight to burn away her friend's mind. Now all of her lesbian fantasies can come true.

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The Supreme Commander of W.U.A.H.S.

W.U.A.H.S. is trying to assassinate Steve Steele, the owner and CEO of Steele Enterprises. He'll just have to strike first, by inducing one of their sexy recruits, and programming her to kill her commander. But first a little entertainment, of the girl/girl variety.

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The Agency

Blue and Sinn want to be models, but agent Cameron doesn't think they have the right attitude. So she gives them a little attitude adjustment, using mind control. Now they'll make the perfect models...PORN MODELS!!! And it all starts with them worshipping her in her pantyhose.

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Hooray For Hungarywood 2

When last we saw Peaches, she had been transformed from a bitchy prima donna movie star to an obedient mind slave by her personal assisstant Sinn. This uncharacteristic behavior aroused the suspicions of her agent Betty. But Sinn has a plan to ease those suspicions. It involves mind control! Now Betty is also Sinn's captive thrall.

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Voodoo Children

Voluptuous Violet returns from a trip to Haiti with a voodoo mask souvenir for her roommate Sinn. The mask has a mind of its own, and it takes over hers. Since it has no body, it uses Sinn's to vicariously enjoy Violet's, especially her big Bahama Mammas.

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The Soldier From W.U.A.H.S.

The Supreme Commander kidnaps Steve's executive secretary. She uses a synaptic stun gun to disable the loyal employee's mind, then programs her to kill Steve. Fortunately, his faithful senior vice president intervenes. She de-conditions the killer-secretary, and makes her her sex slave. Now she can fulfill all those lezzie urges she's had for her.

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Meet The J.I.S.M. Girls

The Scarlet Juggernaut is the leader of the Jamboree of Invincible Super Mutant Girls, better known by their initials as: the J.I.S.M. Girls. Through the use of a high tech ring, her arch nemesis Dr. Steele turns her against the other members of the group. Her first victim is her faithful sidekick, the Rump Ranger.

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