India Summer

House Of Robo Hookers

Dr. Mesmer takes his revenge on the two women who got him fired from Wazzamatta University. He uses nanobots to turn the dean and the president of the I Eta Pi sorority into mechanized hookers. And he is their pimp! A man's gotta make a livin'.

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Rat Trap

Rat Woman is on a mission to rescue the Rump Ranger. While there, she is confronted by the Fried Fifer, one of Dr. Steele's minions. She is unable to resist the dulcet tones of his musical instrument. Now she will do whatever he commands, becoming his slutty sex slave, and loving every minute (and inch!) of it.

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Help Wanted

An indie movie producer (not) places an ad for an editor to help him with special effects. India shows up at his home office to help him fix the "spiral effect" he's been having trouble with. She is induced, entranced and put under his control.

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Mind Control Marriage Counsellor

Steve is the henpecked husband of a terminally lazy wife. Through the wonders of mind control she is transformed from a parasite into an obedient housewife. But things go terribly wrong when the mailman accidentally uses the trigger phrase that turns her into a sexual dynamo.

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