The Sexed Up Superheroines Saga: 25 Continuing Episodes

Love Potion 69

The Cuntress infiltrates the lair of the nefarious Ra'iz A Tuhl, bent on arresting him. But after receivng a dose of his Love Potion 69, she falls instantly, madly, submissively in love with him. Now she finds that she herself is the one getting bent. But what the hell! She loves it!

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Absolutely Marvelous

Lavender Lad uses his enhanced psychic abilities to control Ms. Marvelous, one of the most powerful of the J.I.S.M. Girls. He summons her to his lair, where he makes her do things unbecumming of a superheroine, including plowing her super ass!

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Hero Worship

After a hard day of crime fighting, Flame Star's alter ego likes to relax at home with a massage from her private masseuse. But he has guessed her true identity, and uses a special pair of massage gloves to take over her mind. Now his fantasy of having sex with a superheroine can finally come true.

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