Alina Henessy


Five years have passed since POV Steveā„¢ went to the big house. Now he finally has an opportunity to escape thanks to his prison penpal, who smuggled a mesmerizing device into his cell (in her vagina.) He uses it to take over the mind of the evil prison matron. But before he flees he takes his revenge. And it wouldn't be a prison movie without anal sex, now would it?

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There And Back Again

During office hours, Prof. Henessy meets with her "worst student ever". He confides that he has been skipping class, but using the time effectively to invent a mind eraser, that can also reverse the process. She reluctantly agrees to be his test subject, never suspecting all that that will entail, including her tail.

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Deleted 2

Emily visits Sandra's immigration lawyer to find out what happened to her roommate, and the same thing happens to her. The Master sends her to the deletion chamber, where her mind is deleted. She will now do whatever he commands, including doing Sandra and him!

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