Master Chef

Master Chef - $25

Steve is directing a new mainstream cooking show for cable, and he has his eyes set on the pretty co-hostesses. But they are not in the least bit interested. In fact, they think he is creepy, and too old. But Steve has ways of making people like him. In this case he uses the spinning blades of a special electric mixer to get them to like him. And to like each other. Forget cable! This new show is only fit for certain sites on the internet. for example!

Steve orders the women to strip off their aprons and start kissing in the sexy dresses they are wearing underneath. Then he commands them to pay special attention to their asses, and they fondle and lick each other there. Next they eat pussy! So much tastier than anything they could cook on the show. Finally, Steve commands them to "like" him. They like him so much, they let him put his dick in their pussies, asses and mouthes. They even like his man batter enough to share every last drop.

In show biz sometimes it's better to be liked than talented. You'll like Lydia Lust and Nomi Malone. Both look good enough to eat.

Running time: 39 minutes, movie only. This episode is available in two newly compressed HD versions: 1920 x 1080 at 7,000 kbps and 640 x 360 at 4,000 kbps for mobile devices.

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