Sidekicks - $10

Dr. Steele hires a new sidekick from a temp agency. He's Aluminum Foil Guy, a reluctant super villain, who'd rather be a hero. But he needs the money, so he takes the job with the master of all things metal and mechanical.

Using his power over metal, Steele is able to subdue Cobalt Chick, the J.I.S.M. Girls' super strong 18 year old mascot. He brings her back to his lair and teaches her about hot supervillain love. She's a fast learner, and when a guilt ridden Aluminun Foil Guy betrays Steele and attempts to free her, she won't leave! Instead she puts her training to good use and ravages him.

The cute and sexy Paulina James with her perfect ass gives a great sexual performance as good girl gone bad, Cobalt Chick. She takes turns fucking both villains in a plethora of positions, swallows one load and also takes a massive facial.

Running time: 45 minutes, including outtakes, interviews and behind the scenes footage. This discounted classic episode is available in a newly compressed SD version only: 640 x 480, 7,000kbps.

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