Halo Mesmer, Goodbye Brain

Halo Mesmer, Goodbye Brain - $10

When last we left Maya, she was hooked up to Dr. Mesmer's Halo of Forgetfulness. He leaves her connected to it a little too long, and her mind is reduced to a primitive state. All that remains his her libido. The only word she can utter is "fuck," and she's obsessed with putting her money where her mouth is. Mesmer brings her to the house of his colleague Dr. Metallus. He leaves her in his toolshed with a big black dildo, while he proposes a trade. Maya the mindless fuck slut for one of Metallus's beautiful cleaning cyborgs. Meatallus agrees.

They fetch Maya from the shed, where she's been pleasuring herself with the dildo. But she isn't satisfied, and wants the real thing. In fact she wants two of the real thing. She drags the scientists into Metallus's bedroom, where she sucks and fucks both of their real penii until they cover her face in cum. And still she wants more. Mesmer barely escapes with his sexy cyborg, leaving Metallus at the mercy of sex maniac Maya.

Exquisite asian beauty Maya Hills gives new meaning to the phrase basic instincts.

Running time: 20 minutes, scene only. This discounted classic episode is available in a newly compressed SD version only: 720 x 480, 7,000kbps.

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