Revenge Of The Housewife

Revenge Of The Housewife - $10

Young hottie Alicia is married to an irritable, incontinent septuagenarian, who used Dr. Mesmer's method to mesmerize her into marrying him. She dotes on him like a Stepford wife until she comes across that infamous instructional DVD, while dusting the television. She snaps out of her obedient haze and swears revenge on Mesmer for ruining her life. She breaks into the doctor's mansion and holds him at gunpoint, threatening to blow his brains out. His bodyguard saves him by zapping her with the patented Wand of Entrancement.

Alicia is now at the mercy of the two men. They start by pulling her top down and each taking a tit in their mouth. Then they peel off her jeans, and begin squeezing her ass and fingering her pussy. Alicia breaks out of her trance, but is zapped back into submission, and ordered to give them blow jobs simultaneously. Then one fucks her in doggie, while the other gets blown. They command her to rotate, so that each man gets the attention he deserves. They finish by drenching her face in cum.

Sexy Alicia Alighatti gets dominated by two masters.

Running time: 17 minutes, scene only. This discounted classic episode is available in a newly compressed SD version only: 720 x 480, 7,000kbps.

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