The Collective

The Collective - $15

Boris (not his real name) works for The Collective, a secret organization based in Eastern Europe. They "collect" beautiful women, turning them into sex slaves and selling them to discerning masters of great wealth and power the world over. In this movie he demonstrates all the attributes and functions of two of his newest products. It all starts with their minds being taken over by some sort of secret technology, the nature of which is never revealed.

Once the women are under Boris's control he demands that they strip each other down. Each woman kisses and caresses the other before being ordered to play with their own pussies. They remain in an entranced state throughout, and respond with a "Yes, master" to every command. The demonstration escalates as Slave 1 fingers Slave 2. Then they switch with Slave 2 eating Slave 1's pussy. Finally, they serve Boris, first by alternating sucking his dick, then by offering him their four holes. He takes them both vaginally and anally before coming all over their faces.

Euro babes Tanja Teen and Leanna Sweet star!

Running time: 39 minutes, movie only. This episode is available in two newly compressed HD versions: 1920 x 1080 at 7,000 kbps and 640 x 360 at 4,000 kbps for mobile devices.

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