Carla Cox

Send In The Clown

Uber Fraulein is the leader of the J.I.S.M. Girls' Euro division. Dr. Steele has european minions of his own. He dispatches the evil frenchman Super Mime to take control of her with his magic mime lasso. Back at his lair, the helpless heroine submits to all of the sinister street performer's perverse desires. And when he exposes her to krap-tonyte, she even takes it up the krapper.

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The Woman From Interpole

POV Steveā„¢ receives an unexpected visit from a sexy Interpole agent. She has been on his trail for months and has come to arrest him. He sears her mind and turns her into his sex slave. Sure beats going back to the big house.

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The Bald And The Beautiful

Black Chickadee has arrived to rescue Uber Fraulein from her cell at Dr. Steele's euro-HQ. But Lex Leathor thwarts the escape. He empties their minds, only to fill them up again with perverse thoughts of sapphic pleasures and hetero humping.

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