The Bimbofication of Bonnie Bunnington

Righteous crusader Bonnie Bunnington is a thorn in porn magnate Hugh Hipnoh's side. She wants to shut down his degenerate, pervert operation, including his obscene rag, Hipnoh Bunny Magazine. But Bonnie succombs to the soothing and aromatic blend of Cuban tobaccos in Hip's pipe, and soon she finds herself "bimbofied." A change of clothes and Bonnie looks as sexy as any of Hip's bunnies of the month.

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The Wet Dream Before Christmas

As a holiday gift to their subscribers, Hugh Hipnoh of Hipnoh Bunny magazine and his arch rival Bob Coochioli of Bunny Hutch have merged their publications. Hip's accountant Barbara celebrates the momentous occasion by taking a hit off Hip's infamous pipe, which transforms her into Barbie the Christmas bunny. Hip and Cooch unwrap her and share her gifts. Bunnies! Not just for Easter anymore.

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To Serve Man

Dour courthouse clerk Brittney Beaverton serves porn magnate Hugh Hipnoh a summons. He convinces her to take a hit from his iconic pipe and the aromatic blend of tobaccos bimbofies her. Then he shoots a pictorial of her in full bunny regalia with one of his house studs servicing her. Brittney just might be the biggest bimbo Hip's ever shot!

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